Think-Outside-the-Checkbook Ideas

As the longest standing and most comprehensive organization to offer adoptive family homeland journeys, The Ties Program staff feels it is our ethical responsibility to move “The Gift of Identity” from an idea to a reality. But we can’t accomplish this important task alone.

Gift of Identity is a project that will require us all coming together as a community to add our passion and expertise. Everyone who chooses to help, CAN help. Let’s get creative!

Creative as in–how do we take “Zero-Zip-Nada” and make it into “Wow-Cool-Awesome” ways of helping international adoptees embark on a journey of identity and insight?  Here are some ideas….

  • Work with a culture camp, adoption support group, any kind of group to organize a fund raising project to create adoption awareness and support Gift of Identity.
  • Think about your connections. Who do you know (person, corporation, foundation) that would like to donate to an important and unique project?
  • Host a Dine In – Invite dinner partners to your home for dinner and suggest they donate what they would have spent if you all went to a restaurant.
  • Going out to dinner with friends? Invite a few others, and ask the restaurant you choose to donate a percentage of your meal cost to Gift of Identity.
  • When celebrating a special occasion (Quinceanera, Bar/Bas Mitzvah, anniversary, birthday), request that in lieu of gifts, donations be made to Gift of Identity.
  • If you would like to honor a friend or family member, or congratulate him/her on an achievement, make a donation to Gift of Identity. We’ll send a special card acknowledging the gift.
  • Do a letter writing campaign, or one using social media.
  • Contact designated businesses or organizations to ask for support.
  • As significant people pass in your life, consider designating Gift of Identity as the recipient of bereavement gifts.
  • What’s your talent?  Offer to teach others what you know and donate the proceeds.

Other ideas:

Teach a Class  Board Game Tournament  Book Club Fundraiser
Break the Balloon     Penny Drive  
Dime Drive what the heck—Quarter Drive!    Carnation Day    Duck Race
Car Wash    Dog Wash
Death by Chocolate    Hot Dog Stand    Giving Tree
Grown up (or not) Spelling Bee    Popcorn Tasting
Karaoke Night    Pancake Breakfast
Dump the Junk Rummage Sale

Sample Order Form To Be Customized For Your Fundraiser

Make New Friends, Have Some Fun, Do Good, Feel Great!