The Need for GIFT

Our mission is to build a fund so that ALL international adoptees have a chance to visit their birth country and explore their beginnings—accompanied by family who loves them, and supported in a way that is emotionally healthy.

The Gift of Identity Fund, Ltd. provides funding to international adoptees visiting their birth country with the goal of helping them understand their identity, heritage, and culture while traveling via The Ties Program, a family based heritage program.

Many organizations provide funding to families who would like to adopt a child, but cannot afford the expense.

Until now, there has been no funding for international adoptees who need to visit their birth country to feel whole, but cannot afford the expense. You can make a huge impact in the life of a child. You can give the gift of identity.

It’s time. Are you ready to help?




Internationally adopted children arrive from all parts of the world to “forever homes.” These beautiful children leave their country, their culture, and their biological families. They are given a new and usually wonderful, loving home, and a family who strives to give them a joy-filled life.  While the losses are great, the gifts are too.

As time unfolds, it becomes increasingly evident that the greatest gift children receive is the gift of identity— the gift of reconnecting with their birth country, their culture, their caregivers, places of birth and founding, and sometimes their birth family.

It is not surprising that these children, despite the immense love they share with their adoptive families, feel caught in the circumstances, and long to know “Who am I?”



Adoptive families face enormous expense when they adopt, followed by yet more expense to help their children explore their birth country, heritage and identity. The combination is indeed extraordinary and to date, no funding source exists to help families provide what their children truly need. To get “grounded” these children need the opportunity to explore where they began life.



The Gift of Identity Fund, Ltd was created to help provide funding for international adoptees who would like to visit their birth-country, but are not financially able to do so.  International adoptees traveling with their families are awarded funds, helping defray the cost of travel. Amounts vary depending on the size of the fund.

Funding is distributed with a pay-it-forward responsibility. In return for the funds adoptees receive, they and their family will commit to helping Gift of Identity Fund raise funds so that GIFT can serve families for generations to come. We envision the fund helping adoptees now, but also young adult adoptees as they seek to share their birth country with their spouses and their children, and their children’s children.


International Adoption Grants

Gift of Identity Fund, Ltd. is a non-profit 501(c)(3)
sister organization of The Ties Program—Adoptive Family Homeland Journeys.

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