Info for Applicants


Applications will be accepted soon for winter 2018-9 travel.

Application Deadline for Winter 2018-19 Travel Programs:  Application and accompanying documents must be received by our offices by midnight (CST) March 1, 2018.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria:

• International adoptees of any age.

• Applicants must be U.S. citizens (required by law)

• Preference will be given to travelers who are traveling for the first time with their nuclear family, e.g. children traveling with parents, siblings, or other extended family.

• Adult adoptees traveling with their spouses and/or children may apply if this trip is to share birth culture with the adult adoptee’s family. These adoptees may apply even if this is a second trip.

• Adoptee must be traveling with a Ties or Ties Lite Program.

• Funding will be distributed with a pay-it-forward responsibility. Recipients agree to help continue the fund by using their contacts, resources and skills to raise money for the Fund so that it continues into the future.

Gift of Identity Fund Policies:

  • International adoptees may apply only one time per trip to their birth country.
  • If there are multiple international adoptees in one family, each international adoptee may apply.
  • Amount of funding will vary according to the amount in the fund at time of distribution.
  • Financial need considerations include median income by state and family size as well as extenuating circumstances.
  • Click here for Median Family Income By State and Number in Household
  • If the participant must cancel his/her homeland journey, the recipient will be responsible to reimburse the Gift of Identity Fund, Ltd.
  • Should it be determined that the funds are being used in violation of the intended purpose, the recipient will be responsible to reimburse the Gift of Identity Fund, Ltd. and the recipient will no longer be eligible for future funds.
  • Officers of the Gift of Identity Fund Ltd. and employees of The Ties Program are not eligible.
  • Gift of Identity Fund recipients will receive his/her grant no later than the due date for the final payment of their specific trip.
  • In the event that a Ties Program does not operate in the year the award was granted for, the grant will be held for a second year.
  • With your application, please mail pictures of the applicant at the time he or she joined your family, as well as a current picture. (This request is optional, but will help us share how the Gift of Identity Fund makes a difference in the lives of those who are grant recipients.)


International Adoption Grants